11/0 >26g, Delicas & 15/0 beads come in tubes- 11/0 less than 26g COME IN PACKETS

Om Tara Dual Crimper


he patented Om Tara Dual Crimper offers two separate crimping sites for securing multiple sizes of crimps! Check out our whole family of Om Tara Crimping Pliers! Our patented Om Tara Dual Crimper will crimp any size and type of crimp: sterling, base metal, tube crimp or ball crimp on any size and brand of stringing wire. All the tools in our line of beading tools are inspired by the needs of real people making beaded jewelry for pleasure, for sale, for gifts or donations. Over the years I have worked with a variety of beading tools for all manner of beading techniques, and Om Tara tools reflect the style, size and function of tools that have worked best for me over the years. Oh, and all Om Tara Tools carry a lifetime guarantee!