11/0 >26g, Delicas & 15/0 beads come in tubes- 11/0 less than 26g COME IN PACKETS

Delica Beads Shop, Inc is your online resource for Japanese and Czech beads. Quality products at a fair price, fast shipping and excellent customer service are my goals. My site is completely secure so you can shop with confidence. Here is some general information about Delica Beads Shop, Inc:

My name is Lisa Longcrow;  I received a beading loom for my 12th birthday and back then in 1969, everyone seemed to be wearing beaded headbands.  So I went to work making them in all colors and designs, then selling them.  That was the start of my “beading life”.  Beadwork has paid for a lot of meals when times were hard.  It is one thing that we as beaders can do with nothing more than a needle, thread and some beads.  It can generate income as well as treasured family pieces to wear and hand down to our loved ones.  Beading has come a long way since 1969. I figured "who better to sell beads than a beader”… so here I am.  I also have made Fancy Shawl and Jingle Dress regalia for my children to Pow Wow dance.

I am located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  I do not have a formal “brick and mortar” store but if you are in the area let me know; you may be able to stop by my “bead room” to visit.  I love meeting customers and sharing ideas!

Please bookmark my site and check back often to see what's new!

To navigate the site, click on the category you want from the menu.  Many categories have sub-categories and multiple pages. When you find the item you wish to buy, use the drop down menu to select the size or color, enter the quantity desired and click on the "add to cart" button.

Since I am totally on line, I don’t have official business hours so you may receive shipping and other notifications at odd hours.  Also, my day job is working nights so my days are opposite most of the world anyway.  

Thank you very much for visiting my site and Happy Beading to you!!